Since the company was founded in 1993 successfully maintaining the continuity of our company, there are some basic principles that most of them are based on the beginning of the "foundation of success is trust, confidence in the stability of the foundation" is understanding. Trust and respect of our customers to feel valued in this process behind us, the source of great power.In principle they are live plants as well as other companies, care has been taken with care and care in our belief that protect and develop.

I started in England in 1971 and 1975, the period of time from my career at IBM in 1993, install an AS / COM remains with the company. A total of 42 years in the blink of an eye ongoing work in my life and all ages, up to date to protect the timeless "The only constant is change" by changing the opinion of "The only constant is change renovated and developed the principle of" AS / COM as a principle we have.

Our company is an amazing value-added services with the understanding of the rapidly evolving information technology, combining the enterprise continues to successfully service customers and business partners.

The true sense, but figuratively shrinking globalized world, now everything is focused on the economy and saving the world, sitting heavily on information technology and communication, a way to contribute to the economy develops.

In the 1970s, starting with the production of PC outlining some wrong habits can not help it. For example, PC (Personnel Computer / Personal Computer) on the name of the system as a terminal using the institution and the country leads to a waste of expense. However, thin client system is used all over the world instead of the terminal.

Using a PC running terminal system to correct the mistake / COM Turkey, value-added, high-performance, economical and safe use of the thin client pioneered the use of doing, add value by putting into the magic box called thin client customers.

In addition, high energy consumption and a lot of the classic space-saving desktop PC instead of a new generation of trademark registration received "Mobile PC" is products. PC products and energy saving with a new generation of 1/10 less space as well as environmental pollution is prevented .

If we are successful in our efforts to this new generation of eco-friendly PC and thin client products and electricity expenses only 6 billion in Turkey.-US $ economics will. IT expenses to total cost of ownership savings in other expenditure and a waste of time considering that the hardware and software of at least U.S. $ 15 billion is such an incredible figures.

Which allows them to write and dear colleagues would like to thank our valued customers.

Together, health, joy, love and wishes to achieve more good days ...



Chief Executive Officer
Taylan Ardanıç

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