1 -   On your own computer's hard disk is not the biggest problem with users who are not at risk of infection.Loss of data due to virus contamination is prevented and a waste of time.
2 -   Ease of use are very large when compared with the PC.
3 -   Drivers on the CD, floppy disk drivers, disk drivers and mechanical moving parts like fans is not the risk of failure is extremely low. Therefore, the hardware (hardware) are blocked, the costs and time losses are prevented.
4 -   Maintenance and repair costs are extremely low.
5 -   Small and lightweight chassis takes up less space.
7 -   Low energy consumption of electrical usage provides a very large economy.From the PC, there are 5 times less electricity consumption.
8 -   Low in power at the same rate will be lower because of the need for UPS.
9 -   Is not completely silent with no moving parts on the run.
10 -   Hardware upgrades (memory, hard disk, processor hardware, such as grow) would not be neededz.
11 -   All information on the server is connected to the software upgrade (replacement or addition of the operating system or other utilities) do not need.
12 -   There is no need to upgrade hardware and software costs money and time losses will not be born for this purpose.
13 -   Emulation is also available on the host system (AS/400- RS6000-ES9000 and IBM mainframe UNIX-like) also do not need to use the system at the terminal.
14 -   Through the main system with a single thin client terminal emulation system has the ability to use both as a server for PC.
15 -   The ability to log on thin client, or at least 7 different opportunity to connect at the same time there are 7 different operating system.
16 -   Corporate business users for things other than work, and will prevent unnecessary loss of time from the uses.
17 -   Of users increases due to the extraordinary performances of agencies.
18 -   System administrators work very easy and very light.
19 -   Users and system administrators is provided for economy of time extremely.
20 -   Check for system administrators can manage users from a single center.
21 -   When turned on, the last left in thin client can continue to operate out of business.
22 -   Asynchronous modem and telephone line to have the opportunity to connect over the WAN.
23 -   Have the opportunity to connect to remote areas through the router.
24 -   Thin client is provided with the highest level of information security.
25 -   In the case of theft of a work alone yaramayacağından be removed to another location on the track is very difficult and is not sale is not attractive to thieves.
26 -   Current applications and servers on the LAN, WAN, and the quick and safe access is provided via the Internet.
27 -   Total Cost of Ownership is lower than 10 times compared to the PC.One of the PC TSOM 5-year average is around $ 5-6000 .-, thin clientda 500 - $ close.(Detailed information about this topic, see the following thin client benefits booklet)
28 -   The minimum level of support and technical support staff will require less maintenance is needed

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