Our company was founded on 19 October 1993 in Turkey, thin client (thin client) next to the products and solutions that provide added value to users is the only IT company focused on next-generation PC products. 
Company to meet the needs of enterprise customers computing services, consulting, and sales and after-sales technical service support operation is doing. Value-added solutions, customer satisfaction is essential to our efforts. Besides our own products, making imports of IT products abroad connections with needed. Turkey are the only authorized importer and master distributor products thin client technology company in the IT industry and the economy of Turkey believes in the advantages of the high specialization of thin client solutions. We also work with a new generation of PC products, value-added business services to our customers has given a new impetus and power.

AS / COM 's vision is
Holding the highest level of customer satisfaction, value-added products to system users, if necessary by adding their own solutions with the most advanced information technologies reconcile customer needs.
 AS / COM 's mission is
Since 1993, all the developments in the world of IT experience in living in a rapidly changing and developing technological products, our company, following the need of IT users by providing them with solutions that add value to our customers, which offers the right products.
AS / COM 's goal:
Turkey is the sole authorized importer and distributor of home products by importing a new generation of thin client and thin client PC products are giving all the information is brought to the market a very large customer added value and contribute to national economy, IT spending and unnecessary thin client at the same time preventing irreversible investments expanding the use of technology to expand the market in Turkey, where it deserves to bring world-class thin client usage. 
The new generation, less than half of the footprint, quiet, with very low power consumption of mobile PC s, still makes frequent failures in the board, environmental pollution, high energy consumption of desktop computers to replace older models that provide millions.


AS / COM A.Ş. TURKEY OF PRODUCTS IN MAPLE MITAC AND ATRUST is the authorized importer and the main distributor.
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