Thin client is a wide place in the world of IT can be defined briefly as follows;
Multi-user systems, which is the main component of the server on the host computer that is sharing all kinds of information (input and output) that enables the terminal devices.

Thin client hardware devices as parts;

  • The main board (Main board)
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit / CPU)
  • DOM (Disk On Module) flash memory
  • Memory (memory) card
  • Screen and sound card
  • USB, serial, parallel ports and PS / 2 interface
  • RJ45 Ethernet jack, audio and microphone jacks
  • Some models have built-in wireless connectivity card.

 Software as, thin client devices embedded on the DOM (embedded) operating system has been installed.

  • Microsoft Windows CE, XPe, Fla., or Windows 7 embedded SP2 or SP3 installed package will be ready with the license tag.
  • There are also models that use the Linux operating system.
  • Also on the DOM with different operating systems that are required to connect to servers running emulation software and printers are available for the driver and the Turkish language codes.

Also used for virtualization, VMware and XenDesktop features available on some models.
PXEbağlanma containing the operating system on the model with the DOM can be used without.

Thin clients, or the advantages that the most important feature is the main headings;

* Very little electricity is consumed,
* Fan-less cooling system is working with,
* Due to the fact that small of space,
* There are no moving parts in the possibility of failure is very low,
* Management and ease of use there,
* Information security is provided an easy,
* There is no risk of transmission of the virus.
* There is no need for hardware maintenance,
* Total Cost of Ownership (Total Cost of Ownership) is extremely low.

Due to the properties mentioned above, the use of thin client with the rapidly spreading awareness of IT users.

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